Monday, 29 March 2021

Double Crochet (dc)

 Hi again loves, 

Thank you for sticking around.  Today I would like to teach you double crochet (dc).  This will be done using American terminology.

This stitch is not as dense as the single crochet (sc).  It works up quickly and is perfect for blankets, scarves 🧣, and dishcloths just to name a few.

To do this stitch you make your foundation chain, however long you need it to be for your project...

I'll be doing a chain of 18 stitches.

chain of 18 sts.

To do the double crochet, yarn over (yo) and inserts your hook in the 4th chain from the hook... Yarn over and pull up a loop. Yarn over and pull through two of the three loops on the hook. Yarn over and pull through both remaining loops. There, you have just completed a dc.

We have 4 dc and 3 chains.

3 hooks on the hook

In this pic we yo and pull through 2 of the 3 loops

This picture is showing the completed stitch.

I also have a video for my loves. 

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Monday, 15 March 2021

Designer... Well I'm getting there

 Hi Loves,

I have always been able to make my "own designs", be it a bag or a skirt, or even a suit for my firstborn (sadly I gave it away without thinking when she grew it out). I could also replicate without writing down the steps, but as time goes by the thought came to share my designs. This is where things get difficult, as it's easy for me to do but to write the steps down now that's a whole other ballgame.

Why you ask? 

Well, I can write down what I do, but will it makes sense to my readers?  Will they be able to reproduce the awesomeness I did?

Here are a few bags I made using no pattern...


In my quest to become a renowned designer...  I am testing the waters with what I think are easy-to-follow patterns, ones with simple repeats to make beautiful pieces. In January 2019 I wrote and publish my first pattern on Ravelry (wow, it's been that long).  I still haven't sold a single copy but not worried.  I have written notes here and there of different items I want to design but nothing final.

There are a few setbacks since my first publication however, I will press on and persevere.  I have grown and I'm more confident in writing my patterns.  I am also gathering the skills needed to ensure the patterns are well-written and formatted.

My first publication.

So look out world Khenzuri is coming!!  Stay tuned as a lot of awesomeness is to follow.  Until then... 

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Monday, 1 March 2021


 Hi loves, 

2021 started with a challenge presented to me by my mother.  She sent me a pic and requested the item for her birthday in February.  I was like wait a minute mama, I have never just looked at a pic and replicated it... I was about to back down but told myself this year, I will definitely step out of my comfort zone and really try to get my business off the ground as this is what I really love doing.

This is what she sent me.

I honestly went searching on the net for a possible pattern.  I typed in the search engine what I think this may be called... I search for images, I checked the page on Facebook, where she got it from, and no such luck. 

She then made another request....... Lady are you serious right now????   I am still trying to locate a pattern for your requested top.  You see, that item was made out of yarn but she hates yarn as she thinks all yarn is scratchy (trust me. I've tried telling her otherwise).  So, she wanted her's made out of crochet thread, you know that thin thread they used for doilies.

Yeah, that's the one... Aunt Lydia's size 10.. yup.. this same one.

On a side note, before you tell me there is one that was made for fashion (Aunt Lydia's Fashion 3, that's thicker), I found that out recently, but not available where I live.

Now back to the scheduled programming.....

I had to decide:

  • How many chains I needed to do to get her size (which when asked for her bust measurement she replied... "measure yourself and add about 4")
  • For the spacing how many stitches to skip etc.
With my picture, thread, and hook in hand I started to replicate... 

I also decided to hold 2 strands instead of two.  After working out how many chain stitches were needed. I started the easy part... Double crocheting the top section.

Now...... Here comes the hard part.... How am I going to start the design without a pattern now? Sighs!!!   Well, I did a thing.... It looked almost like the picture, but when I got to the end of the first round... Sighs again!!! there were too many stitches left, which means the last stitch will be too wide.. 


ok Melissa, think...... I counted the last stitches.. and did a little math and just perfect... I got equal spacing.. 

Working, working, working.. Crocheting, crocheting, crocheting... not feeling what I'm doing... Pause! Pause! Pause!

I finally got to the desired length... But something was off... Bummer!!!!!!!

This is what it looked like.

I wasn't feeling this look... then I did a thing... I slip-stitched the last row and felt that it looked better.. If you know me... I could not leave the others so I ripped back all the stitches back to the beginning of the pattern.  OMG, you say... That was easy to do... It's what followed next.. I did each round twice... 

What? How so?... Well after completing each round I do through each stitch and slip stitch around. That, in my opinion, thickens the strands and it looked better to me.  Let me know what you all think.

The end product.

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Monday, 22 February 2021

Christening Dress

Hi loves,

I have wonderful news, on December 22, 2020, I welcome the newest member of my family, a sweet little bundle of joy..... Princess Ari.  I'm not sure if you guys notice whenever I do anything for babies I'm always happy and inspiration is never far (hmm.... Is this my tell-tale sign of what my true calling is?  Who knows? guess we'll just have to wait and see).

Well as I said earlier inspiration is never far...  and therefore I decided she would need a christening dress and I would love to make it for her.  I went to Youtube, browsed around, and came upon a very cute and simple design by Majovel.  I watched the video (see attached video below) and then decided to start crocheting the dress.

Princess Ari was on the smaller size but due to the fact that I wouldn't be using the same yarn or the same size needle as in the video, I decided to do the largest size.  

Let's get started shall we - I did a chain of 62 using a size 2.75 mm crochet hook and Ice Yarns Natural Cotton in white.

After 2 rounds

 Round 3 completed

5 rounds completed

Making steady progress

Stitch markers in place, let's start the body of the dress.

Dress completed as per video (thread still attached, was deciding my next move) 

After completing the dress, I was left with the decision of what embellishment to use.  I thought ribbon, so I went and purchased a pretty neon pink (the choices sadly were either neon pink or really dark pink).  I wanted rose buds but the store had none. I came home to weave the ribbon through the neck, though pretty I felt something was missing.  

I consulted my daughter Sani and she too agreed it needed something else.  It wasn't until the headband was made the finishing touches came to life.  Now, there was no need for that ribbon I bought as I crochet the band needed as well as add a little colour to the sleeves and hem of the dress.  Presto my masterpiece was finito.

Too anxious to wait until the sun was out.

Doesn't she look cute

My camera does them both no justice

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Monday, 8 February 2021

Single Crochet (sc)

Hi again loves, 

In this blog, I would like to tell you about single crochet.  The single crochet though being a basic stitch is by no means unsophisticated.  It can be done in rounds or rows and creates a very dense crochet pattern with hardly any gaps or holes.  It can be used for items like coasters, dish/washrags to name a few that need no draping, etc.  Making a few modifications to the way in which you do the single crochet can give you some amazing results.  

How to do the single crochet (sc)?  Follow along...

Do a chain of say 15...

Insert your hook into the second chain from the hook

yarn over and pull up a loop

Yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook... and just like that the single crochet is completed.  Quite easy don't you think.

Here are a few pics of a swatch being worked up...

Inserting the hook into the next stitch.

Yarn over (yo) and pull up a loop

yo and pull through both remaining loops.  

SC completed.

Here are a few things that you can use the single crochet for:


This crossbody bag was made using single crochet and the loop stitch (the base of the bag).




baby headband and slippers



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Sunday, 31 January 2021

Understanding the Difference

Hi Loves,

Here's a bit of reading for you.  I was casually browsing the web (you guessed it a bit bored at work with no project in hand), and I came across a post from Craftsy.  It was explaining the difference between British vs American Crochet terms (you knew there was a difference, right?) and decided to share it.

For starters...

The chain and slip stitch mean the same for both, thank goodness!!!

Now, this is where things get weird if you are not aware there was a difference....  Imagine being gifted some vintage crochet patterns, you got very excited to try a very cute pattern.  You got the required yarn, needle and with the pattern in hand started your project, only at the end or even in the middle come to realize it is not looking like the pattern somehow.  

What could be the issue? Here's your answer;
  • You are accustomed to British terminology and the pattern was written in American terminology
  • Or the reverse... 
Not to worry I got your back, here are the differences;

American CrochetBritish Crochet
Single crochetDouble crochet
Half double crochetHalf treble crochet
Double crochetTreble crochet
Treble crochetDouble treble crochet
Double treble crochetTriple treble crochet

Now that we know the differences, how do we tell the origin of a pattern?
  1. Check for the term single crochet (sc). This is an indication this was written using American terms.
  2. Does the pattern ask you to check your tension? If it does, it's written using  British terms.
  3. Another indicator is does the pattern ask you to miss or skip stitch?
Now my loves that you are armed with the information go forth and create those masterpieces.

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Sunday, 3 January 2021

I'm back......

 Hi my loves,

Wow! It's been ages..... I really missed you guys.  I missed writing, creating, and just doing what I really truly love.  Many of you may know being an entrepreneur have its ups and downs, mid 2019 - 2020 was a bit of a challenge for me where my business is concerned. It was with great sadness I went out and became gainfully employed to be able to take care of my family, as my little income from my new business was not making the cut.

It was easy at first to be able to do both, but then with the work hours and commute to and from work, it became harder.  I however still researched ways in which to make it work, but I honestly LOST MY MOJO....... I have been in a funk for a few months now.  I visit my blog, check my many draft but still, no willpower to write or create. I have unfinished projects on the mannequin, in bags, etc.

Then there is COVID-19 which further puts a dark cloud over my already gloomy mood... I need supplies but really don't want to go out in the public more than I really need to.  So with 2020 coming to a closing and Covid-19 seemingly a constant fixture, I have decided to give it another go.  This time dabbling in something I have been doing for a few months now and trying to find more creative ways to display my talent.

So my loves I would like your opinion on what I have so far..... Are you guys ready?

This is a jeans-like yarn from Ice Yarns.  

A simple choker.

My beautiful daughter modeling the choker above.

I really love making this stranded neckless.

excuse the shadow.. night crocheting

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Ari's Purse

 Hi loves,  Happy New year to you. I would love to wish you all a wonderful and prosperous 2023, filled with good health, wealth, happiness ...