Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Half Double crochet

Hi loves, 

Today we will be doing the Half Double Crochet (hdc).  This stitch is taller than the single crochet but shorter than the double crochet, hence the name half double crochet.  It is also a slightly dense stitch that is good for clothing like skirts and shorts.  Your projects work up faster than doing single crochets.  There is much to be said about the half double crochet but without further ado, let's learn how to do the HDC so we can start making beautiful pieces.

How Is It Done?

To do the HDC you would begin as you would for the double crochet by yarning over before inserting your hook into the desired stitch.  Then this is where the difference takes place.  With three loops on your hook, you yarn over and pull through all three loops and there you have it, one hdc completed.  Easy as pie don't you think?

You are a visual learner

No issues there... Let's get some visuals for you.

The finished swatch

not so close up.

Yarn over (yo)

Insert your hook into the stitch. Yo, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook)

Yo and pull through all 3 loops on the hook

Having issues with my pictures.  Hope my video will help.

Hdc on a current WIP

Hdc from the starting chain.

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