Monday, 15 March 2021

Designer... Well I'm getting there

 Hi Loves,

I have always been able to make my "own designs", be it a bag or a skirt, or even a suit for my firstborn (sadly I gave it away without thinking when she grew it out). I could also replicate without writing down the steps, but as time goes by the thought came to share my designs. This is where things get difficult, as it's easy for me to do but to write the steps down now that's a whole other ballgame.

Why you ask? 

Well, I can write down what I do, but will it makes sense to my readers?  Will they be able to reproduce the awesomeness I did?

Here are a few bags I made using no pattern...


In my quest to becoming a renowned designer...  I am testing the waters with what I think are easy-to-follow patterns, ones with simple repeats to make beautiful pieces. In January 2019 I wrote and publish my first pattern on Ravelry (wow, it's been that long).  I still haven't sold a single copy but not worried.  I have written notes here and there of different items I want to design but nothing final.

There are a few setbacks since my first publication however, I will press on and persevere.  I have grown and I'm more confident in writing my patterns.  I am also gathering the skills needed to ensure the patterns are well written and formated.

My first publication.

So look out world Khenzuri is coming!!  Stay tuned as a lot of awesomeness is to follow.  Until then... 

Thanks loves for taking a read.  Live, Love, Laugh... Please follow me on FB, InstagramTwitter. You can also purchase yarn to make your masterpieces here.

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