Sunday, 31 January 2021

Understanding the Difference

Hi Loves,

Here's a bit of reading for you.  I was casually browsing the web (you guessed it a bit bored at work with no project in hand), and I came across a post from Craftsy.  It was explaining the difference between British vs American Crochet terms (you knew there was a difference, right?) and decided to share it.

For starters...

The chain and slip stitch mean the same for both, thank goodness!!!

Now, this is where things get weird if you are not aware there was a difference....  Imagine being gifted some vintage crochet patterns, you got very excited to try a very cute pattern.  You got the required yarn, needle and with the pattern in hand started your project, only at the end or even in the middle come to realize it is not looking like the pattern somehow.  

What could be the issue? Here's your answer;
  • You are accustomed to British terminology and the pattern was written in American terminology
  • Or the reverse... 
Not to worry I got your back, here are the differences;

American CrochetBritish Crochet
Single crochetDouble crochet
Half double crochetHalf treble crochet
Double crochetTreble crochet
Treble crochetDouble treble crochet
Double treble crochetTriple treble crochet

Now that we know the differences, how do we tell the origin of a pattern?
  1. Check for the term single crochet (sc). This is an indication this was written using American terms.
  2. Does the pattern ask you to check your tension? If it does, it's written using  British terms.
  3. Another indicator is does the pattern ask you to miss or skip stitch?
Now my loves that you are armed with the information go forth and create those masterpieces.

Thanks love for taking a read.  Live, Love, Laugh.. Please follow me on FB, InstagramTwitter. You can also purchase yarn to make your masterpieces here.


  1. Very interesting. I'm not understanding why such a disparity. The words are almost opposite. But hey, so are the cultures.

    Thanks for this information. Maybe one day I will be able to crochet..... Maybe not, but at least I know the terminology. :)

    1. you are most welcome.. you should try it.. you might just fall in love..


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