Tuesday, 25 February 2020

High Notes

Hi Loves,

It's that time again when Petra Breakstone need test knitters for yet another one of her awesome designs.  Count me in, I said.

The name of this one is High Notes. This is such a comfy top to knit and wear.  It has a boat neckline, it's oversized, knitted in one piece with a beautiful lace border on the bottom edge of the body as well as the sleeves.  You can choose to make the lace border of the body longer or shorter.  You can also adjust the sleeve length.

I enjoy test knitting for Petra, and no it's not just the option of getting one of her many lovely pattern as a reward.  It's that I always learn something new and this pattern was no exception as I learnt the kitchener stitch.

Image result for kitchener stitch
The kitchener Stitch 

Here I am on Christmas Night enjoying my lovely top

I had so much fun completing my top that I did another one.  I followed the pattern until it's time to do the neck I decided to make some modifications and turn it into a tank top.



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  1. Some modifications? Wow. That's an amazing modification. That tank top is gorgeous. Love the back. I would never be able to figure that out. Anyway, thanks for posting. This is a beautiful top and you look great in it!

    1. Thank you Patty.. Sorry for just replying..


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