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Mis-takes or Mistakes???

Hi loves,

I recently received an email from "I like knitting" highlighting "10 Mistakes Every Knitter Should Avoid" and think I should share it with you all as well so you can avoid common knitting/crocheter mistakes. These are mistakes that can waste your time, frustrate you, and even destroy your projects

We don't want this, do we? 😭😭😭😭😭, No! No! No! .....

Don’t worry though, anyone can make these mistakes—but, more experienced knitters/crocheters have learned how to avoid these errors over time.

Mistake #1: Not getting enough yarn for your project.

When you do not purchase enough yarn required for a project, you run the risk of not getting another skein in the same dye lot which would result in your project looking messy and the colouring being off. There’s a chance the yarn might even be discontinued as well.  To avoid this mistake, ensure to always buy more than needed as that will save you from having either a messy, discoloured project or an unfinished one.

Here's a suggestion to ensure you always have enough for your project. 😉😉

Mistake #2: Not reading the pattern before you begin. 

Trust me I'm guilty of this one.  This can lead to all sorts of mistakes, including not enough yarn, incorrectly counting stitches, etc. Pay extra attention to any “special instructions” or “special stitches.” These will usually appear at the beginning of a pattern before the actual instructions begin.

 Mistake #3: Not knowing there’s a difference between U.S. and U.K. stitch names.

 The United States and the United Kingdom have different names for knitting stitches, and if you don’t know the differences, then your pattern will come out completely wrong!

eg: U.K. double crochet (dc) is the U.S. single crochet (sc).. 

Mistake #4: Losing track of your rows and stitches. 

To overcome this mistake ensure you have stitch counters and markers.  Using them will set you up for success, so you’ll never lose track of where you are in your pattern.  I also recommend ensuring you are not doing too many things while you knit, especially if you are doing special stitches that require your undivided attention.
Mistake #5: Using incorrect tension.

The tension that is either too loose or too tight will affect the outcome of the project. Stitches that are too tight will greatly affect the outcome of the project and could even make it nearly impossible to knit into those stitches in the next row. Make something too loose, and your sizing will be completely wrong.

Mistake #6: Not checking your gauge.

 Guilty, Guilty, Guilty... I'm 100% guilty, why do a gauge swatch when I could be a few rows in my project, right???... Wrong!!!  This is why you should... Gauge refers to the number of stitches and rows per inch that result from the yarn and needle size you’re using.  Not checking your gauge can result in your project not matching the specified pattern.  You could end with a project that's too small or too big.

Mistake #7: Washing wool projects. 

Putting wool projects through the washer and dryer is never a good idea. This I learned the
HARD way.

 (remember this lovely top? well I accidentally put it with some other knitted wears and it end up looking like a dog's chew toy 😭😭😭😭😭, a good thing I got 2, yes 2 wears out of it).

Not only is your project likely to shrink, but the chemicals found in most detergents will actually degrade the fibers in your project, ruining its lifespan.

RECOMMENDATION -  Hand washing with gentle soap or dry cleaning.

Mistake #8: Not taking breaks.

Knitting for hours on end without taking breaks to stretch your fingers and wrists will result in not only pain but also repetitive-use injuries. Be kind to yourself and take regular breaks in between long knitting sessions. Stretch and relax before getting back to your knitting project.

Secondly, you may end up making mistakes that cause you to have to redo an entire project.

Mistake #9: Not sewing in loose ends securely.

Weaving in loose ends after you finish a project is cumbersome but crucial. Not doing it correctly could result in your project falling apart the next time you wash it.

Mistake #10: Using the wrong yarn weight.

Using the wrong yarn for a project will drastically alter the end result of the project. If you are hoping your project comes out as the pattern intends, pick a yarn that’s the same weight as described in the pattern’s instructions.

I learned about mistake 10 when I was working on my I'm all aflutter top by @petrabreakstone.  It took me 3 tries to get it right.

Well loves, until next time. Stay true to one's self.

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