Wednesday, 24 July 2019

It's not a Fairytail

Hi loves,

So I know I've been away for a loooooonnngggg time.  I am still working on becoming a household name for anything authentically handmade, whether crochet or knitted in my little Island home and by extension the global society.  This is not my typical post, but I think I should let you know some of the hidden truths about being an entrepreneur of handmade items.  I know I've been writing about my "successes" though small they may be now, it's not all glitz and glamour over here.

Imagine getting an order for something you have never made, so you are clueless about how much time, effort, and material are required to complete the order.  You also follow your customers' many customizations only to have the order left with you upon completion, because they don't think they should pay you what you deserve.  Here's another example, being asked many, many times to "make a hat for me no" to finally complete it and still have it sit in the completed pile for months. You look at that pile wondering why?🤔. There is also the issue of consignment work.  You work hard, give your items on consignment as you are utilizing all resources to get your name and work out there, and after months still no return because the markup is so high they don't fly off the shelves.

WHAT DO YOU DO??????????????


This is what I do...... Get up every day, and do what I love.  Outsiders see me going about thinking "She's cashing in" not knowing the real struggle to get paid for all my hard work, but yet I press on.

I've said this before family and friends can't sustain a business and I still stand by it.  Sometimes the persons who downgrade or think your time and efforts are not worth paying for, are the very people you think would have your back.  They would pay a stranger more to do a crappy job than they would pay you for a work of art.

With all that being said... I will continue to press on as when it all seems dim there's that glimmer of hope when you get a call or see a social media post from a stranger praising your talent.

Follow my journey...


Are you in need of yarn I've got you covered as well.....


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