Saturday, 30 March 2019

Cozy Toes

Hi Loves,

Have you ever been so cold you think you're going to freeze, only to put a sock on and the temperature drops almost instantly?

If the answer is yes. Then these cuties are just what you need.  The idea came when a friend of mine complained about her feet always being cold.

I have made crochet booties numerous times but really wanted to knit this one.  I went to YouTube and browsed around to get the general construction.  I didn't want anything too complicated as these were just for lying in bed or moving around the house.

After watching a few I got my inspiration and set to work. Two hours or so later I have my very first pair.

🤔🤔 I know what you think. "That doesn't look like footwear".  But my friend they will be.

Can you believe it? That somewhat square piece became this masterpiece.

Yes, it did.  I had to jazz them up with a bit of colour.

These were done to fit a size 9-10 lady's feet.  They were just too cute to be for only adults, so I went back to the needles and did a pair for the tiny tots in our lives.

This is the finishing.

But here's where it all started from.

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