Monday, 1 October 2018

I'm all aflutter

Hi loves,

July 16th started like any other day.... but something happen that made that day super awesome.  Here I was browsing through Facebook, going through my favourite groups and there it was a post asking if persons would be interested in test knitting.

Now, shut the front door, I am a newbie to knitting and have never, I say never test knitted before... But I said what the heck, it shouldn't be hard, right?

I volunteered and got the ball a rolling.  The materials needed were fingering weight yarn (what is that πŸ€”?), size 5, 16" circular (check ✔) size 6....... Aaawww, I don't have that... Oh well, it shouldn't hurt to use what I had, right?

Sure, I got the pattern looked for the thinnest yarn I had, as this should be what fingering weight looks like (don't know).  The chart was very easy to follow and with my enthusiasm, I was able to finish my top in record time....... Butttttt... It didn't fit. 😭😭😭😭

And yes it's the same top above.

I was not to be deterred.  I searched my stash, found another "thin" yarn, did the first set, checked my gauge and it seems on point, blouse #2 started.  I did the lace bit, started working on the actual top and 3/4 way in that yarn ran out, not to worry you have another skein or so I thought. It turned out to be a bit thicker than the one I was using but it's the same colour so onward I go.

Checking my gauge.

Yes, right on point.

Just look at that design.

I completed my top, blocked it overnight and bam its finished my "I'm all aflutter" top.  The top looked good, but I wasn't satisfied as I didn't use the same material.

I finally got my hands on some fingering yarn and attempt #3 began.  I finished the lace bit and placed my work on hold as I was determined to follow the pattern to the tee those time.

My very first fingering (Knitcrate)

My checklist:

Correct yarn ✔
Correct needle sizes ✔

Just look at it.... It's not yet completed but aaaawwwwsome!!!!

Photo shoot time😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


  1. Beautiful Melly...keep pushing

  2. Thanks for showing off my pattern the fabulous 'I'm all aflutter" top!

  3. It's worth showing off. I so need to make another as mine got damaged.


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