Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Bitter Sweet

Hi wonderful people,

I've been eyeing a knitted pencil skirt from the very first time I saw the designer (Jen Giuntoli) shared it in the group Yarnitude back in 2017.  I've been inquiring about the pattern and its always "not yet ready".  Then the most awesome thing happen in September 2018 ........ She needed test knitters for said skirt.  I gladly raised my hand✋✋, me teacher, teacher me, please pick me.

Guess what she did...... Yeeessssss...... She picked me as one of her test knitters.  (screaming yes, yes, yes 😁😁😁😁).

I got the pattern and it was not like any other pattern I've done.  No, no, no, this pattern requires measuring, calculating, and more calculating.

Ok Melissa, your size would be a large (don't judge me 😂), Sani would be a medium.... Soooo, lets do Immi's as she's a small, her measurements would be easy to do..... And so I decided on the colour and yarn, measure her.... Did the calculations.

I was the first to complete my skirt.  She loved it and I confirm this with "mommy make more pretty clothes for me".  Aaawww, she melts my heart.

My first two cable repeat completed.

Almost completed

Fitting, yes... It fits perfectly.

I was pleased with it, now its time to tackle a size bigger.  "Sani, want one?", I asked. " yes" came her answer.

I knew exactly what colour I was going to use, Redheart Soft, in the colour Coral.

Measurement ✔ calculation ✔

Oooohhh lalala, 😍😍😍😍

I worked on the skirt following the measurement to the Tee.... It's completed, yes!
It's nice, right.

She tried the skirt, its nice but something wasn't right..... It's not as fitted as I would have liked.  I tried it on and guess what? I got my skirt after all (and you thought you couldn't do your size just yet, ha). It was as bitter SWEET moment for me.

It's fits like a glove.

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