Tuesday, 19 June 2018


Lovey Dovey,

While browsing Ravelry I came upon a lovely pattern called Bedtime Bella and I fell in love.  The pattern was given to me as a birthday gift from a friend and I set out to reproduce this beauty.

I posted pictures and got the request to purchase the very first one I did.  Yeah me..

What do you all think?   Isn't she just gorgeous?

I was elated.  I showcased her to the viewers of our local television morning show #SmileJamaica its morning time, and was blown away when the request came for not one, not two but three, 1,2,3 of them.

Come on Melissa let the work begin.  I started right away on fulfilling my customer's request, she gave her colours, pink and purple, wait that's only two colours and request was made for three. 

Wait, what about one pink, one purple and a pink and purple... We agreed.

Check stash, hold on just a minute, I don't have to mix pink and purple.... I could just use another shade of pink. Yeah, that's it.  

Dress #1... Completed

Dress #2 .... Finito 

Dress #3.... Done and done.

After completing all three dresses, its onto the head and arms.

3 heads

6 arms

I'm heading to home base now.  I need to make their wig caps and pompoms.... `
3 wig caps completed and fitted.

Next step, unto making the pompoms for my three little beauties, and then those sleepy eyes.  

Whisper, whisper..... Hey, I'm right beside you as well you know..... Lol

Snuggle bugs.... It's as if they're under the covers with arms out.... 

All parts completed and attached, friends here goes......... VOGUE!!!!!!!

I really love making these, they were such great knits..... Love the fact that the dress can be just about any colour, be it solid or multicoloured.  You can put your own personal touch to it like I did with the two coloured pink on with adding Picots to the tip.  

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  1. Feels so good when a customer takes the time to message you to say, they love your work after taking the product home. Thank you I.B...


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