Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Hey guys,

     When you get a personal call from Charles Hyatt of #GoodNewsJamaica requesting that you make a doll or two, you do it.  Even if it's going to push and test your creativity.

      He requested two "manly dolls" just to support me (girl glad bag buss).  Now, I've made male dolls before (see pic below), just none that's "buff".

Oh well, this is my chance to prove I am the best at what I do.  Here goes!

Doll #1

So sorry guys, I was so excited to get it done I totally forgot to take pics of the arms and legs before I started the body.  I'll do it with doll #2, scouts honour.

As promised, arms and legs, before the body is attached.

Here is finish doll #1.

See those muscles?

Bye for now as Doll number 2 and 3 (yes he ordered a third) will be in the sequel.

#Khenzuri #Handmade #creativityatitsbest


  1. And I'm so excited I'm telling you to make sure you do 12 because mi ah guh taaalk!!!!

    1. Thank you, I'm gonna ensure I do just that.


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