Friday, 23 March 2018

Before the Sequel

After finishing doll number one, I took pictures and sent them to its soon to be owner (Charles Hyatt). He loved it.

He collected his doll and took it home.  I heard my phone rang, saw his number and thought he was just calling to inform me he got home safe, (no that wasn't his reason for calling).  He called because his wife Judy wanted to to speak with me.

Why you ask?....................

Well, it's because "I can't stop looking at the doll". She stated she was even thinking she might need one for herself. OMG... She commended my neatness and applaud my craftsmanship.

It felt good when a customer is satisfied with their order.  I'm bracing myself for what's to come and its gonna be good.  I can just feel it.

Sneak preview.....
Sequel Preview 

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Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Hey guys,

     When you get a personal call from Charles Hyatt of #GoodNewsJamaica requesting that you make a doll or two, you do it.  Even if it's going to push and test your creativity.

      He requested two "manly dolls" just to support me (girl glad bag buss).  Now, I've made male dolls before (see pic below), just none that's "buff".

Oh well, this is my chance to prove I am the best at what I do.  Here goes!

Doll #1

So sorry guys, I was so excited to get it done I totally forgot to take pics of the arms and legs before I started the body.  I'll do it with doll #2, scouts honour.

As promised, arms and legs, before the body is attached.

Here is finish doll #1.

See those muscles?

Bye for now as Doll number 2 and 3 (yes he ordered a third) will be in the sequel.

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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Drops of Summer.

Hi y'all,

I am part of this lovely group called Yarnitude on Facebook. It comprises of knitters, crocheters and just all things yarn.

I tried via Youtube to learn knitting a few years back but never really gotten the hang of it.  The amazing members of this group along with their diverse artistry have ignited the fire to wanna learn knitting and learn it quick.

One day while commenting on a post the administrator of the group Jen Giuntoli read my comment and gifted my choice of one of her lovely designs. Can you believe that? Yes, she did.

I thought it would have been hard being that I have never read a knit pattern and understood it before as I don't know the different stitches with the exception of Knits and Purls (and I actually recently learnt the difference between the two). I took a deep breath and read my "drops of Summer" pattern and realise this was a rather easy pattern.

Guess what?...... What, you say?..... It can be worn 3 ways. (Grinning like a  Cheshire Cat)

I was so anxious to try this pattern out, that I didn't confirm I had enough of the same yarn to complete it.  It turned out, I so didn't as I had only one skein which couldn't make it. Secondly, when casting on, I didn't leave a long enough tail to get the number of stitches for an adult size (How can one turn such a simple well-written pattern into something hard? Ask me, I can tell you).  I decided to complete the child size instead since that's the number of stitches I got from the tail I left out.

The first steps before repeats.

I decided to use another colour.

I got the thumbs up to match the two colours (see pic above), but I kept making mistakes after mistakes, so guess what I did?  You got it, I pull it all out.  I was however not discouraged, so I started the pattern over with another yarn and in, you guessed it my size.

Making steady strides.
Let the repeats begin.
Two more rounds of repeats and then...... Decreases.

I was so motivated to complete this shawl that I burned the midnight oil. 

My shawl/cowl is completed.  I've blocked it and waiting for the perfect outfit to pair it with.  I said I was waiting for the perfect outfit right?, well I couldn't seem to find it and couldn't wait so.......

Me trying to be a model.

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Half Double crochet

Hi loves,  Today we will be doing the Half Double Crochet (hdc).  This stitch is taller than the single crochet but shorter than the double ...