Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Order up,

   Today I start my very first ordered doll,  yes I've made and sold dolls before but this is the very first time someone has (seriously) ordered one.

It all started when I sent a picture my bookmarkers to a friend asking her for support.

She replied not today but went unto advertising them for me (thank you). She got me a sale, then another.  Then asked me about this doll.

For those who know me, knows I hardly every replicate what I've done before. As I love to say dare to be different.  So naturally, I needed to know what about the doll they liked so I could reproduce it.  The person said the hair... OK, that's doable.

They liked the dress but wants a different colour (but of course).  She then gave the order as follows:

*black, green and gold hair #proudJamaican #patriarch 
*Red dress......... #ladyinred

You know what this means? To the drawing board.

Work in progress (WIP)

Heading to the finish line

Almost there.


Now time to package and deliver.

 What do you all think? Are they twinning or what?

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