Monday, 29 January 2018

Neighbour, Neighbour


I'm like over the moon right now.  Do you remember or have you checked my post about great men? Well, in this case, a great woman - ME (smiles).

So after making and modelling my top the very next day, ( THE VERY NEXT DAY) I receive a call for an order.  Yes, an order.

My day started like most, with me lying in bed trying to plan my day and then heading for the showers to revitalize and start working.  Here I am in the bathroom and I decided to listen to some gospel then I heard Taylor Swift's "End Game" starting, I checked the caller ID but the number was unknown.

"Melissa, come over and take your first order". I was like "Hello, who is this?"
"Ms Janet."

Guys, I was beaming from ear to ear.

I finish my bath, and while getting dressed she called back. "Wear the blouse as it was in the night I looked at it".

I gathered my tape measure, my book, pencil, the pattern and headed over.  She laughed and said I met business. "Like yeah".

That's not all, in addition to ordering the top,
she gave me the threads to do it (how cool is that?).

I measured and made my notes, I ran over my house grinning like a kid on Christmas Day.

Here I go...... Let the work begin.

Back (3 of the yellow did the back)
Front (3 did the front)

I worked as fast as I could because I so wanted to complete this top and see the look on my customer's face. 


#khenzuristreasures #eyesontheprize #talented #handmade

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