Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Finding your niche

As I am currently at this stage of finding my niche to get my newly started business on its way to become viable, I saw this quote and it really resonates with me.

It advises me to find MY customers.  Persons who appreciates my offerings and who are willing to pay for them.

Family and friends, though supportive cannot sustain a business.  With that being said I am stepping out of my comfort zone and actively pursuing my dream.

My first step was to seek help, I took the advice of someone and visited the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) with a variety of what my offerings were.

Next, I got registered.

Then, I started working on the project we decided to start with, this got me quite excited as it allowed my creative juices to start flowing.

I made one then another and before I knew it I have over a dozen.

I then got labels, tags and packaging done.

I was so excited to have my dolls showcased at a well-established store at the airport (the Norman Manley International) at that.

While waiting on the dolls to be sale tested I went onto designing keychains (this idea came from browsing the net and watching youtube videos).  

I was able to get the ones I made sold, yeah me. But still, there was something missing.

2017 ended and after being in business for almost 6 months I was still not blooming.  Back to the drawing board.

Remember JBDC? Yes, they called me for a seminar and I gladly went.  It was there that even though I knew this before. It became evident that my major issue with growth was marketing.



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