Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Order up,

   Today I start my very first ordered doll,  yes I've made and sold dolls before but this is the very first time someone has (seriously) ordered one.

It all started when I sent a picture my bookmarkers to a friend asking her for support.

She replied not today but went unto advertising them for me (thank you). She got me a sale, then another.  Then asked me about this doll.

For those who know me, knows I hardly every replicate what I've done before. As I love to say dare to be different.  So naturally, I needed to know what about the doll they liked so I could reproduce it.  The person said the hair... OK, that's doable.

They liked the dress but wants a different colour (but of course).  She then gave the order as follows:

*black, green and gold hair #proudJamaican #patriarch 
*Red dress......... #ladyinred

You know what this means? To the drawing board.

Work in progress (WIP)

Heading to the finish line

Almost there.


Now time to package and deliver.

 What do you all think? Are they twinning or what?

Monday, 29 January 2018

Neighbour, Neighbour


I'm like over the moon right now.  Do you remember or have you checked my post about great men? Well, in this case, a great woman - ME (smiles).

So after making and modelling my top the very next day, ( THE VERY NEXT DAY) I receive a call for an order.  Yes, an order.

My day started like most, with me lying in bed trying to plan my day and then heading for the showers to revitalize and start working.  Here I am in the bathroom and I decided to listen to some gospel then I heard Taylor Swift's "End Game" starting, I checked the caller ID but the number was unknown.

"Melissa, come over and take your first order". I was like "Hello, who is this?"
"Ms Janet."

Guys, I was beaming from ear to ear.

I finish my bath, and while getting dressed she called back. "Wear the blouse as it was in the night I looked at it".

I gathered my tape measure, my book, pencil, the pattern and headed over.  She laughed and said I met business. "Like yeah".

That's not all, in addition to ordering the top,
she gave me the threads to do it (how cool is that?).

I measured and made my notes, I ran over my house grinning like a kid on Christmas Day.

Here I go...... Let the work begin.

Back (3 of the yellow did the back)
Front (3 did the front)

I worked as fast as I could because I so wanted to complete this top and see the look on my customer's face. 


#khenzuristreasures #eyesontheprize #talented #handmade

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Oceanside Dolman Sleeve Top

The heights of great men reached and kept were not obtained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept were upward toiling through the night.

2:04 am and I'm up completing a crochet top (Oceanside Dolman-Sleeve Top by FlexibleFashions.net), as part of my plan to advertise my talent and gain recognition for my business.

Three quarter way through and the thread I'm using finish, " omg, really".  Oh well I have two other rolls, but "oh no!", though it's the same colour the brand is different which caused a slight variation.

Do you see it?

"What am I going to do now?"

Press on, forward March..... Luckily I still have to join the back and front together, make collar, cuffs and hem so it should be fine. Right?

I sure hope so............

Here's the finish product.

The top is finally finish and the difference is hardly visible.  What do you all think?

#khenzuristreasures #proudjamaican #multitalented 

Thursday, 18 January 2018


In my pursuit of finding that thing, or two that will allow me to stand out and stay relevant, here I am up from the crack of dawn searching the world wide web for ideas while making different bookmakers.

Modifications made (always) to add my own touch.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Trying the Unfamiliar

Trying the unfamiliar,

     I am a sucker for routine, afraid of the unknown, so even when I dreamt many years ago about having my own business, it never materialised.  The name was decided over a year ago and still, I procrastinated about starting.  It actually took the loss of my job, to which I was gainfully employed to for almost nine years to get me started.

I reached out to a government company for guidance and even though I still haven't found my niche I am confident that I will have a viable business in a country that my trade is not appreciated by most.

There are a lot of blockage and speed bumps but it's early days yet.  I will make Thomas A. Edison's "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work" my mantra and press on.

Come along with me on my journey to becoming an entrepreneur, a successful businesswoman, a better mom and who knows a wife someday.

#beautyandbrain #Khenzuristreasures #proudJamaican 

Finding your niche

As I am currently at this stage of finding my niche to get my newly started business on its way to become viable, I saw this quote and it really resonates with me.

It advises me to find MY customers.  Persons who appreciates my offerings and who are willing to pay for them.

Family and friends, though supportive cannot sustain a business.  With that being said I am stepping out of my comfort zone and actively pursuing my dream.

My first step was to seek help, I took the advice of someone and visited the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) with a variety of what my offerings were.

Next, I got registered.

Then, I started working on the project we decided to start with, this got me quite excited as it allowed my creative juices to start flowing.

I made one then another and before I knew it I have over a dozen.

I then got labels, tags and packaging done.

I was so excited to have my dolls showcased at a well-established store at the airport (the Norman Manley International) at that.

While waiting on the dolls to be sale tested I went onto designing keychains (this idea came from browsing the net and watching youtube videos).  

I was able to get the ones I made sold, yeah me. But still, there was something missing.

2017 ended and after being in business for almost 6 months I was still not blooming.  Back to the drawing board.

Remember JBDC? Yes, they called me for a seminar and I gladly went.  It was there that even though I knew this before. It became evident that my major issue with growth was marketing.



#findingyourniche #handmade #crochet #knitting #smallbusiness #blogger

Ari's Purse

 Hi loves,  Happy New year to you. I would love to wish you all a wonderful and prosperous 2023, filled with good health, wealth, happiness ...