Saturday, 23 November 2019

Square.... No, Diamond

Hi loves,

After being approached every so often by persons asking "do you make swimwear/bathsuit/bikini", I decided to give it another try (yes, another try as I've made 2 sets in my entire career, i should be able to find and photograph)

I thought about how to make this one stand out and it came to me... Crochet two square, turn them into diamonds and work from there.  I wanted something totally different, sexy and exquisite at the same time, so I went to a bag (yes, a bag 🎒) pattern I did over 2 years ago.

It was first just supposed to be a bralette, but after completing that phrase there was just something missing. I turn to one of my mini-mes for suggestions.

"Sani, 🆘", "I need your help, this needs something, what do you think 🤔"

And you best believe she had quite a mouth full of ideas, suggestions.... All quite helpful.

That being said, my idea to just make a cute little bralette turn into a one piece. Wait, what????? How did that happen??? I don't know.........

Hmmm, you asked for help remember...  Oh yes, I did, didn't I?

First attempt... Cute..... Buttttttt.... There was still something off....

So I again........ HELP.....
This time.... From a man's perspective 😮😮😮😮.... Yup.... He was quite helpful... Three 👧👱👩 (heads) are sure better than one...

 That being said... 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 ((((rip it)))).  I frogged (pull out) the entire bottom half (oh, didn't I tell you, I was just about finish with my masterpiece with only ends to weave in, when this change came about?..... Well yes I was).

Back to the drawing board (literally as that's what he did when I asked him to draw what he was explaining).  This time I decide to make the bottom piece separate then make the connection. I am now lost for words... I'm usually not one to blow my own horn......... buttttt.......... screaming with excitement.... YES!!!!!! YES!!!! It's beautiful, one of a kind, I did it.....

Now guys..... Tell me what you all think?

Isn't it lovely

It fits a smaller butt 😉

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