Sunday, 24 June 2018

Fashion meets Practicality

Drops of Summer, again....

I wore my Drops of Summer Shawl to my television interview on #SmileJamaica

Neville Bell and I

And they loved it, a popular Radio and TV personality told me "girl that looked good on TV", while passing me in the hallway.

I few calls were received about this little beauty.  It was a hit.

Just think about it, it's totally practical, no loose ends to worry about, and when you wish not to cover your arms, you can just have it hanging like a cowl around your neck.

I'm just so happy Jen gave me this pattern, its such an easy knit for a beginner like myself.  I intend on making more of this, I want one in just about any colour I can get it in.  Do you want one?  Feel free to message me for your very own.

#beautifullyhandmade #khenzuri #knittheshit #dropsofsummer #yarnitude #shawlknittedintheround

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